November 30, 2022

It’s ancient news by now that Blizzard Entertainment is suspending all its entertainment in China on Jan. 23. The players have been moving to various servers before moving towards the future of Overwatch, Hearthstone and World of Warcraft. By the time it was finished, Blizzard slammed two new payment methods for the Chinese community, encouraging mass migration.

At the same time, WOWhead shared that Blizzard just added two new payment methods to the Asian servers: AliPay and WeChat. This method was introduced to help the migration Chinese players pay for Blizzard services on a surprisingly simple basis.

Since China is the only way to reach these servers is to use a VPN and China is severely restricting VPN usage and a lot of VPN providers might block this, it could be more a criminal activity across the board.

Since the Chinese government confined the playtime to the children last year, it wouldn’t monitor what game players spend on their mobile phones for more than one day.

The other possible goal of Blizzard adding Chinese payment methods to is that the company might be planning to have a new, moderated Chinese server. However, this new server would have to jump through loads of hoops before the light of day goes away.

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