ChatStat – Live Chat and Statistics

What is ChatStat?

ChatStat is a service for web site owners to add live chat and statistical tracking services to their web site(s) for the purpose of performing sales and support chats and monitoring traffic trends over time.


You can sign up for FREE. The free account comes with powerful features though it is limited to maximum of 2 chat operators.

However ChatStat also offers unique set of features on demand. You can upgrade your account any time with more powerful features as well as with more chat operators. Each Feature on Demand is subscribed on a Monthly subscription fee that is usually $5 or $10 per month.

Bret’s Note

Are you a small business owner trying to market your product or the service? Do you use internet for the above (example: through a website, online marketing campaigns, etc.)? What’s your success rate?

You could be having a superb product or a very attractive service. But if your potential customer doesn’t get it right she will click on the next Google result. But with tools like ChatStat you always stand a chance to convince her before anyone else.

ChatStat is a quality solution packed with features, and I really like the way they have priced their service allowing all essentials FREE for small businesses including two chat operators. Simply download the software, sign up for a ChatStat account and get busy with more clients real time.

If you need any assistance try ChatStat forum.






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