November 30, 2022

Those who’d relied on Eldritch Altars for maps in Path of Exile will have to deal with the fact that they won’t be available when the next major update arrives. This change will be overjoyed for those who didn’t want maps from Eldritch. All the factors are well-offended, with the lack of the total reward offered as well as the shorter range of possible rewards on the way.

Play Path of Exile for freeAltars are also being altered so that boss rushing isn’t the ideal strategy anymore. The Wrath of the Cosmos keystone is being changed so that not only must game become a mandatory element of play, but also to avoid reprimands as the most compulsory element. For some point of interest, which are the fine details of how this change affects some of the finest cases of injustice, the team has also put together an FAQ about the drop rate of Awakened Gems. So you still want to like Eldritch Altars, but then they’ll be better on every point of the point of view.

Source: Official Site (no. 1 – 2 ).

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