November 30, 2022

Don’t let his size fool you (pic: Twitter).

Charcadet is one of the coolest new critters in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, with a very unique evolution method.

Charcadet is one of the new pokemons of Generation IX available across Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, but has different features depending on your own version.

It is a tiny but large Fire-type creature that can be built on Armarouge, a Fire/Psychic pokemon in Scarlet, or on a Ceruledge, a Fire/Ghost pokemon in Violet.

However, implementing a Charcadet takes a few more steps than usual, depending on the version that you play on your Nintendo Switch.

Although the number is not commonly known, even though it is rare, Charcadet hangs around the entire Paldea area, most often found on the southern side of the map.

Once you see that yellow colour on the horizon, consider shopping for things to boost the catch up and tackle the fire-type pokemon.

Just right in time for the landing point, head straight into Zapapico, which is a smaller city in the eastern suburb of Paldea, northwest of the city where the Lurking Steel Titan challenge is taking place.

Here you should look for a man with a plaid shirt who wants to get work of we promise you he’s legit.

Charcadets can become Armarouges or Ceruledges (pic: Bulbapedia) as well.

If you play Scarlet, you must trade10 Bronzor FragmentsforAuspicious Armour, whereas in Violet, you must trade10 Sinistea ChipsforMalicious Armour. Bronzor and Sinistea are both relatively early in the game, though in very limited places.

Charcadet’s fragments and chips must evolve, drop whatever your opponent is defeated, so you can easily be defeated by the auto-battle option.

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When you collect the crafting items, go back to the owner and trade them to earn their respective armour.

You will appreciate seeing that there is no level requirement for the development of a Charcadet, so you can do so early.

There’s also a way of putting the Charcadet evolution, the only thing that isn’t available in your game; if you’re able to get a Ceruledge, even if you are playing Scarlet.

You may use two tricks to do that. The first method is asking a friend to give you an unusual form of Charcadet that you aren’t allowed to access.

The second method is having your friend make the armour set, so as to use a random pokemon, and then trading that pokemon.

Your friend will probably want them back when you’re done, but it doesn’t matter as much as they have already been registered in your pokedex.

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