November 30, 2022

When a report from the analytical agency Jon Peddie Research (JPR) revealed the latest day that the market for graphics engineers all kinds of machines in the third quarter collapsed by 25 % immediately. After all the data scientists discovered, the market for discrete video card companies has changed dramatically in the past two years. In short, the tumble was even greater and AMD gave a significant share of the market to NVIDIA.

Image Source: WCCFTech.

The discrete graphics market has slipped a lot. The number of graphics card shipments remained for the third quarter of 2022, and the number of units shipped was only fourteen million. In the same period, the number of cards for sales was 24 million. And a quarter earlier, the market was much worse in the second half of 2022, a small total of 19 million discrete video cards were delivered.

In each segment, delivery of video cards that were mobile and desktop. When the desktop cards exploded, in 2000, a quarter earlier, their shipments amounted to 10 million and 8 million mobile video cards, and in third quarter of 2022, 13 million desktop and 11.1.6 million mobile computer accelerators were shipped.

In the third quarter of 2014 NVIDIA has grown in popularity, with eight percentage points more than previous quarter. However, AMD still had only 8% of the diskware market, while its share was 15% in the second quarter. Intel is occupied by the rest of 48%.

AMD is doing better in the desktop segment, which was 10 o’clock. The remaining nine-tenth of the market was shared by NVIDIA in a share of 86 % and Intel in a 6% share. As for the mobile segment, NVIDIA has been in the top 10 with NVIDIAs dominance even stronger, the company is a big one on the market, whereas Intel and AMD split the remaining 10%.

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The total cost of this series of GPUs has rapidly declined since the second quarter of 2021. Then the price dropped sharply in the third quarter. After 2022, the market was relatively stable until the first quarter of this year, but immediately continued to decline. This seems due to the economic and geopolitical instabilities in the world.

Analysts expect the number of GPUs to drop further in next year. In 2024, the market is steadily low, and in 2025, the recovery is going to begin. The growth isn’t going to be very important. The price of the computer used to fall on an hard day. During the pandemic, the demand for the system was skyrocketing, and now the need for them has been greatly reduced. In the process, mining directly affected the GPU market. This means the high sales of the discrete graphics. Now the marketplace is full of cheap used video cards of miners, and now there is more than enough new accelerators in stores, but they charge too much for some.

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