November 30, 2022

KRU Esports are going to close to signing former Ninjas in VALORANT star Alexandre xand Zizi.

KRU Esports recently released three players from its roster, who were on the team for more than one year. Despite its high-quality performance in the Latino region, KRU Esports thought it would be better to continue with its team after being accepted into the Americas soccer team for 2023. Because Brazil, LATAM and North America are collaborating next year, every team must look for a strong core so they can still rest at the top.

As a result, we have no ennuis in our own history. Con ustedes will have the perfect day! reboko.

KRUEsports (@KRUesports) October 1 2022.

As Bruno showed, KRU Esports is almost ready to sign a deal with the former Ninja xand. The Brazilian player would be the first player signed to the organization who is not from Chile or Argentina, but according to the report there would be no language barrier on the team. Xand seems to speak Spanish, making it possible for him to communicate with the new players would be greatly appreciated in the event that the deal was finished.

NiP has been part of the LATAM Challengers series last year and has taken Masters: Reykjavik, but couldn’t get over ninth place at the tournament. The Brazilian team was rejected for the VALORANT partnership program Riot Games. After the announcement of the partnered teams, NiP released its entire roster, allowing players like xand to fully explore their options.

Even though KRU Esports acquire xand, that will still be necessary to fill two more slots on their team during the offseason. They have many options, especially because many NA players left teamless after a cut to just five.

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