November 30, 2022

Lakeshore Records will release the album digitally on November 25th.

A robust orchestra will bring a rich holiday cheer to the family comedy that examines Ralph’s iconic character as a grown-up. The film Warner Bros. and the legendary film starring Peter Billingsley are only streaming on HBO Max.

Check out the song Christmas in Hohman below.

The acclaimed film Jeff Morrows is heard in many industries. He was credited by the Apple and the Schulz family for his long musical history and pursuing The Peanuts’ rich musical history. In all of the recent and upcoming films, he also plays the role of a director, “Harry Potter”.


01. We wish you Merry Christmas! 02. Christmas in Chicago! 03. Christmas Eve in Hohman. 04. Window Display 05. Casseroles 06. Meet Delbert 07. Sparklypoof was killed by the plight of a girl. 08. Attic Search 09. Carollers 10. Star Topper 11. The law of the deal is a law of the deal. 12. Open Season 13. Western Shootout 14. Stolen Presents 15. Spades 16. Puppy Ploy 17. Is it junior? 18. The Ramp 19. Barflies Sledding 20. Sparklypoofs Revenge 21. Star Mission 22. Farkus Bust 23. One of the best women can be found by chance. 24. Radiator Gift 25. Published Writer 26. Christmas Dinner 27. We wish you a Merry Christmas.

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