Pingdom – Web site monitoring for 100% uptime

What is Pingdom?

Pingdom is a powerful online tool which helps you to monitor your website uptime. Servers could fail randomly for couple of seconds, minutes, hours. Whether you are at work or even while you sleep Pingdom will keep you up to date on such failures.

How it works?

Any business acting online has at one time or another run into problems with network outages, a website that either responds slowly or not at all, undelivered emails, or other problems that have degraded the service they want to offer their customers and end-users online.

The problem is, how do you as a business really know where the problem lies, or if there even is a problem? You do not visit your own site and use your own services every minute of the day, every day of the year. This is where Pingdom comes in.

Pingdom gives you the tools you need to monitor the quality of your presence on the Internet, around the clock all year long.



Pingdom offers all this for a flat monthly subscription which is only $9.95/month.

Bret’s Note

If you are a small business which relies heavily on your website for your day to day businesses, then you’ve got to minimize the downtimes and failures. Your host may tell that they have a guaranteed uptime of 99% but sometimes this may not be the truth. Yet keeping an eye on the website downtimes may not be practical while managing your small business and its many activities. So Pingdom could be an ideal solution.

Like to read more on Pingdom? They too have a blog.





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