November 30, 2022

If the World Cup had been in the COD-verse, we’d imagine it would look like this thing (pic: Activision) (pic: Activision) (pic: Activision).

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is available on the newly launched Support a Team event.

After star footballers Neymar Jr, Paul Pogba and Lionel Messi were revealed in Modern Warfare 2, the game is launching a World Cupspecial.

The competition’s going to begin on November 18 but there’s still a leak. Modern Warfare 2 will also get another special mode, called COD Ball, which you can try during the multiplayers rumoured free access weekend.

Now, the World Cup events will give you freebies with good luck.

It’s kind of like a harmless version of sports betting, so don’t expect your winnings to be as crazy as Twitch streams Trainwreckstv 1.3 million from Saudi Arabia.

The support-a-team event runs from wednesday, November 23 until Friday, December 2, so you can expect six games in total.

The match on Friday, November 25 is the first time you can beat the UK vs. USA, so here are some ways you can prepare:

  • Launch a modern Warfare or a Warzone 2 initiative.
  • Once you have placed the COD HQ screen, scroll down to Modern Warfare FC.
  • Click Support For A Team.
  • Select which team you believe will win each match.
  • If you lock in your choice, you can’t go back. Don’t make the best of the rewards you’d better try the next time you were planning to win something.

    Predicting each match winner is where the money will earn you the countrys flag as an animated calling card, which also plays an an animated version of the national anthem.

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    To start with, you won’t get 10,000 xP for the first time.

    Support a team is now live.

    Blueprint rewards for predicting correct #MWII | #MW2 | #MW2

    Raz (@IsThatRaz) November 23, 2022.

    Correctly predicting two ends can give an example of a weapon in the TAQ platform and four correct results will give a blueprint for the STB 556 assault rifle or the HCR 56 light machinegun.

    Drawn, if you don’t win on your favourite country, is the winner of prizes.

    Unfortunately, there is no consolation prize if you’re wrong, as far as the real World Cup goes.

    Here’s a preview of England’s national anthem titled Call Of Duty: a la call of duty.

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