November 30, 2022

Did you ever eat or chew before you got a Pokemon? Good news. You may not wait in agony anymore.

Centre O’Ken, reports of Pokemon news and leaks, noticed several moments in recent Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailers where trainers Poke Balls seem to shake only once before confirming a capture. This is a departure from the Pokemon series, where Poke Balls shake three times before confirming captures. Instead, Scarlet and Violet appear to borrow Pokemon Legends: Arceus, who used single-shake Poke Balls.

I’m curious to see how the three shakes of the Poke Ball that existed since the Red/Blue no longer existed. Like in Legends, the Poke Ball now does once more to catch

Centre for Learning, October 6, 2022.

Centro noted that no trailer has included any footage of three-shake Poke Balls, but there have been several scenes of single-shakes. The sex of the episode doesn’t look like a critical image, so a random event that greatly increases the odds of a Pokemon and results only in one shake of the Poke Ball. Critical captures have different effects with larger hps and higher-pitched sound. This is one of the hardest aspects of a series that involves single-shake Pokemon capture. The first step is to wait for a wink to see if a wink has been successful, it’ll make more sense for you.

Some believe the footage in the Scarlet and Violet trailers has been edited so players only see one shake so that they don’t waste excessive time. Others believe the captures shown in the trailer were critical captures that perhaps used different sound effects than previously played. This is not a fact but we won’t know until the games are released later this year.

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Scarlet and Violet are due to come out on Nov. 18, 2022.