November 30, 2022

RWBY took a great turn for the red trailer Rooster Teeth released a decade ago. It’s got the buzz in the movie movie Stars, which featured a powerful sequence of action and character-building scenes. A video game adaptation seems to be a simple process. Yet, despite being collaborated between several major studios, Wayforward and Arc System Works, RWBY: Arrowfell is ultimately a lackluster experience for both fans and newcomers of the series.

All of this was made with any lack of freedom.

A warning is given that the game is primarily conducted on Volume 7 of RWBY, so there are some spoilers. Unfortunately, it does a good job explaining what the main characters are; therefore it should be quite useful when you pass that story. I couldn’t stop watching Volume 3 but kept on doing something like that.

RWBY: The Arrowfell movie follows the story of RWBY team whose team was renamed “Sammons,” “Sexism”, “Summons”, “Summoan” and “Summons”. With the discovery of a mysterious orb on one mission, the creatures of destruction take a lot of notice attracted to negatively viewed events around Mantle. The investigation is carried out while the team is a game-named group of characters. The game splits into chapters as a fairly simple script.

You beat a boss at the end of each chapter in order to make it easier to tell the story. Before you start, you spend some time completing fetch quest after fetch quest. Many of these quests have no bearing on the plot. Some people ask for a pickaxe while others ask for glass of wine. Since a fetch quest unlocks something necessary for the next, the game has a very linear feel. It means you often will have to go back to the same map again and again because you can go across different areas you can’t have ever seen.

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It is not uncommon for a man who isn’t careful to see the images and do it. They aren’t complicated, but it was easy to forget the path I needed to take because each turn brought me to a screen with a similar shape. There are lots of ambushes, but they’re pushing you all the way up and down to the end. In anger, you have to fight a handful of enemies. It’s very difficult when you stumble upon a winning combination of tactics that work for you.

It doesn’t always matter if it’s less.

Minimalism is a constant hit against RWBY: Arrowbles in every aspect of the game. It looks like it was a flash game that you would play on the cartoon network’s old website. This genre is a two-distance scroller like Metroidvania. Each character can only do two things: strike two times and shoot a projectile. Since RWBYs always looked at the flashy anime-like action sequences, I was left overwhelmed by the lack of variations and simple animations. It might have been difficult to use more complicated attacks being a side scroller. But it doesn’t make for a rather dull visual experience, which without the hints of inspiring maps, are not helpful to you.

There isn’t a tutory, too. The first level explains how each of girls Semblance (special power) can assist in exploration. For example, Yangs Burn is capable of destroying rocks in your paths, while Blakes Shadow can push down platforms. I realized that after reading Ruby’s description and noticing that her rifle mentions her rifle, they implemented long-range attacks and realized it all from there.

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You can do nothing more in RWBY: Arrowfell. It’s sad that the game doesn’t even bother to explain it. It seems very simple in comparison to how simple it is for beginners and yet difficult in metroidvania that you have never had before. This game takes you there immediately. I’ve too long had to beat the first embarrassment.

An unavoidable experience Throughout the whole world.

The gameplay also has many strange decisions that are detrimental to the overall enjoyment. For one thing, your HP ad works the same way as other long-range weapons. When you lose a heart, your HP won’t fill up. You are also a hit by death unless you don’t get enough energy so you can refill your energy. And it doesn’t fill up that much until you upgrade your character. If you don’t have a lot of heart, you could potentially take a game over very quickly. One cannot change its course until the problem is solved.

Another thing for the game is that you only need one character. While I moved across the four girls to solve puzzles, Ruby was the only person who fought. Because of the fact that the petal burst has a few I-frames you can use to attack enemy attacks, making him the most useful character. One more variation in playstyles or niches could have forced the player to change a RWBY in combat.

As we mentioned earlier, the menu is pretty minimalist, and the majority of the game is pure fetch quests. With the aforementioned challenges, it can be easy to forget why you work in an area. Because of the distance of the region, I often went only somewhere and I figured out what I needed based on the outcome of the interview or the ability I unlocked. It made the experience feel not focused and empty, thus accenting the lackluster feeling.

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That’s not comparable to a show.

RWBY: Arrowfell is a game that is a dungeon of weirdness and decisions. It may’ve also begun to decide whether it’s for the core fans or just for the newcomers. This story is simple, well-written, so that anyone can dive in, but it remains of no benefit for those who don’t know what it is about it or the way it works. There are cool scenes that look like they came from the show, and sometimes they all complain about fun being had. However, the experience of all things sounded like a surprise. This game will only appeal to the strongest of RWBY fans. Those who have never experienced RWBY before want to catch the show instead. You can watch it via the RT website.

RWBY: Arrowfell is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox 5, Xbox One, Xbox X, Xbox Switch, and Windows PC.