November 30, 2022

Sony has the best of the games, Microsoft has the most successful multi-game subscription, and The Elder Scrolls will be the medium-size game. The two companies say this in a statement to the British regulatory authority CMA.

Microsoft has been using Xbox Game Pass for several years. This subscription-based service gives Xbox players access to a large number of games without having to pay for them separately.

PlayStation has a similar service, and PlayStation Plus expanded this year to three-tier model, giving access to hundreds of games depending on the tier selection. The difference is that the PS Plus libraries are seldom populated with new releases like Xbox Game Pass.

But which one of those models promises a greater success? Sony, at least, believes that PlayStation Plus and Premium subscription numbers are lagging behind Xbox Game Pass numbers. PS Plus has 45,4 million subscribers. While it looks like it’s comparing it to Xbox Game Pass, Sony doesn’t have the Essential tier, because, while like Xbox Live Gold, it only includes the games that change on monthly basis.

Game Pass is much faster than PlayStation Plus, so is Sony in the statement. Microsoft has already gained a significant reputation in multi-game subscriptions. GamePass has 29 million subscribers for Xbox Game Pass on the console and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. And that means the number of subscribers will increase significantly in the future. The multi-game multiplayer subscriptions PlayStation Plus are still getting behind significantly.

Microsoft last announced in January that Xbox Game Pass was over 25 million subscribers. Sonys statement would mean adding at least 4 million more subscribers over the course of the year, while PlayStation Plus recently dropped subscribers.

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According to Microsoft, Sony has the best games.

Although Sony is still a proponent of PlayStation Plus and sees Game Pass as the dominant offering, Microsoft makes a similar argument with the two companies in video games.

Microsoft acknowledged that Sony has many exclusives of a good quality than the Xbox.

It is unlikely Sony would, with an average 2-to-1 margin, be left out by forgoing a single franchise, said Microsoft in relation to Call of Duty.

Microsoft compared PlayStation to Nintendo, arguing that PlayStations exclusive first-and third-party titles will ensure the company retains competition in the industry, as does Nintendo.

From this point of view, Sony concluded Microsoft’s true strategy lies in that, so that Xbox one can get the same experience with Nintendo. The success of the switch manufacturer is based on first-party productions.

A clear statement makes it clear that the arguments of the opponents sometimes seem strange further from microsoft. The Xbox maker sees the upcoming Elder Scrolls 6 as a medium-sized game after the predecessor Skyrim had an enormous scope and sold 30 million copies.

It is still not unclear whether Microsoft will take over Activision. The FTC has been forced to file a suit and stop the deal.

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