November 30, 2022

Players of Star Trek Online who ran a chase in the T6 Somerville ship that was waiting for the Emperors Will event on PC was very likely surprised to find that the things they were doing that didn’t count. Play Star Trek Online for free.

Unlike most events of the STO, the Emperors will event is a task of the players’ ability to achieve certain episodes and TFOs, with the aim of helping a user get the daily cash needed to earn The Somerville. However, a patch from yesterday meant to resolve several issues and adjust the effects of a universal console instead ended up halting players progress in the event, several players reporting that they weren’t getting any credit whatsoever. The studio has added a patch today to fix the issue and extended the Emperors Will until October 14th.

The games Halloween event will return on October 13th, thanks to the Sylvias Feline Charm and Transphasic Containment universal console if players receive enough daily progress from clearing the Cats Tale TFO and the new Witches Brew and Skeleton Crew patrols. Ideally, this isn’t broken by a completely unrelated patch.

Star Trek Online will have an unscheduled PC maintenance tomorrow, 10/7 and fix the problem by updating the event progress as promised to the Emperor’s Will event. We will extend the event, too, the extra day. It’s important to visit the patch here:

Star Trek online (@www.thetxtonlinegame) October 7, 2022

sources: Reddit, official site 1:2, 3 – thanks to Tanek for the tip!

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