November 30, 2022

Yogacast Games and indie developer Leander Edler-Gollaann announced this week that Bots Are Stupid will be released this November. This game is very enjoyable-looking, in which you’ll be in charge of programming a series of easy robots in an easy 2D platformer where they will make it to the desired aim. Don’t make bots lose the power from the point of the beginning to the end. It’ll set up the steps, how to maneuver, and how to move. Many bots will perish, but that’s right, because you need an endless supply of people to work with. The game isn’t released hard yet, that’s because we know it’ll be back in the next month. As of now, enjoy the trailer and the free demo for Steam.

The name is for Yogscast Games.

“Bots are Stupid is a 2D precision platformer that is universally used and populated with stupid robots. Use the game’s simple programming language to teach them how to reach the exit, then watch as they follow your direct instructions, dying often on the first step. With more than 40 levels to control and conquer, there’s an important challenge for everyone. All commands are designed to be as simple as possible. Your coding or technical knowledge should not have any prior knowledge of the robots. The puzzles comes from having sequences that complete certain level goals quickly. The game’s editor has been scheming through skill making allowing players to create their own challenges that can be shared with the world. Show them how it’s done and then refine the routines so you can top the speedrun leaderboards.

  • Over 40 platformers are extremely challenging.
  • Endless challenges and puzzles won’t be solved without the addition of the native level editor and level sharing.
  • The level can be used for many tasks, as well as the grappling hook, speed boosters, conveyor belts, etc.
  • The bots follow the letter in line with your orders.
  • Handmade bots.
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