November 30, 2022

S&P. Demand for reliable and affordable SA teams increased after a remarkable performance of its TI-11 representatives.

I’m a king of the aforementioned North American counterparts, which have traditionally been considered a superior region. This means the BTS Pro Series S13 Americas is worth watching because there are a lot of notable teams competing.

BTS Pro Series S13 Tournament and team types, or teams for those who qualify.

Yesterday we covered the SEA with both the BTS Pro Series and the BTS Pro Series series. With the exception that many high-profile teams have reserved slots for Playoffs while the other participants, the Phase 1, seed, compete in Play-ins to qualify for group stage. Infamous dogs, free Runes, 5RATFORCESTAFF, Alpha, The Cut, Cringe crew and Brasil squad are Phase 1 teams.

Other seeds in the second phase include Thunder Awaken, Hokori, Wildcard Gaming and Infinity, that await in the group stage. Phase 3 seeds enjoy the luxury of Playoffs slots, which ironically include TeamSoloMid, beastcoast, nouns and a tainted team.

Participating teams at BTS Pro Series S13 Americas.

Look to South America with great eyes.

The new era of the capital city, and even the North American powerhouse is keen for it.

The Bestcoast and Thunder Awakens unicorn roster now comes into the frame of the highest-ever SA squad in TI history. TA scouted the roster after TI10 played for NoPing esports. Despite being able to build a team without even the most talented of their predecessors, TA continued making history.

Unfortunately, a promising line-up like the TA does not last long as all TA players left after TI11. Nevertheless, TA’ll finally launch its new line-up on the upcoming BTS Pro Series S13 as group stage begins on November 25th. It could explain why TA only had a phase 2 slot despite their huge success at TI11.

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Whereas their local rival, beastcoast has a confident roster, featuring two former TA players: Herrera DarkMago Gonzalo and Rafael Sacred Yonatan. These two carry players are known for a lot of crucial plays during their time in the TA, so beastcoasts decision, to recruit them, might be a whole lot of a change for beastcoasts heading into DPC 2023. Unfortunately, its the end of a time for the former TI9 Infamous roster, who had two founding players out.

North American powerhouses: the West Coast.

It’s a bad off-season for North American Dota 2 teams, as all of their representatives drop like the flies at TI11. While EG looks to play in the SA area for a more promising team and affordable division, TeamSoloMid remains true to the NA roots.

Nevertheless, they have recently announced the departure of Kim duBu Doo-young, but none has been told on other players. This is unusual considering that a roster change from the hard support player would mean absolutely nothing to DuBu when they were not their captains ordders before. Consequently, we can just see TSM shock the fanbase with more drastic roster shuffle.

Nouns recently announced that Guilherme Costabile and Nicolas Gunnar Lopez were their carry duo. This breath of fresh air is as no new carry players completely redefine the team playstyle.

The Big Reveal has been sweeping for several years.

It would be too farfetched to predict the end of the final invitation only for Evil Geniuses. When the stage of the phase 3 is complete, we can only expect biggest namesakes to come with it. Since EG hasn’t announced its official roster yet, it seems obvious that BTS Pro Series S13 Americas kept their final invite under closed doors.

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Of course, the more exciting possible invite would be simply Quincy Crew (formerly Soniqs). EG hasn’t been in the BTS Pro Series for several seasons, so if EG can’t get its new roster here, it’s so bad that the odds of having a new roster for EG grow out, it’s not true.

Regardless, the BTS Pro Series S13 Americas is an illustrated story in the Asia and Pacific narrative to date. The first of all SA-teams, so the first of all NA-teams has to pick up their pace momentarily.