November 30, 2022

One of the nice things that it has been in my youth that having lots of family holidays at my own house was that when socializing with people got to be too much, it was easy to disengage and go hide and play video games for a little while. That was really good. Even though there’s a lot of social stuff to do, it’s better if you can take time off from large gatherings then give the opportunity to return for another half an hour or one day without ever having anything left to hide in.

It is very common in our entire life as most of that time, though, and for most of this period, even though MMOs still exist. Online games are a lot more interesting, and the best thing is that it is based on the fact that most of them are structured so you can log in and play daily. Why are you busy with MMOs on major holidays? Do you just play normally? Will you check for what you do everyday but will have them leave them alone? Do you organize an activity around here for some time to go shopping together with distant friends?

Every morning, the writers team up with mascot Mo to discuss the massively multiplayer online roleplaying genre with MMORPG players. Grab your preferred beverage and you’ll get the answer to the Daily Grind question.

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