November 30, 2022

Creators Dead Island 2 We plan on taking part in a special presentation that will show the exclusive gameplay of the game as well as discuss the content of the game. Showcase Premiere will take place on December 6 at twenty. Los Angeles is unimaginable. The deadly virus spreads everywhere. The city, which is long forgotten by the military, is subdued to quarantine. We will meet three fearless people who are on the hunt for a safe place in the fight against the deadly zombie epidemic. When they cross the abandoned building of a Hollywood video game and a film producer, they see unexpected surprises. When the postponed Dead Island 2 to April 28 it will be released both on PlayStation and Xbox, as well as PC. Recently, the developers released a video dedicated to one of the heroes zombies and Jacob. He has a king of weapons and can deal with enemies with a melee weapon. Protocol

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