November 30, 2022

The director of the playstation studio said that the new details of the new series will be revealed on Twisted.

According to Swann, the show will have many cars and a post-apocalyptic setting, and the tone is inspired by a black comedy, like Hello to Zombieland and Deadpool with the same writers. The producer added that the authors were big fans of the game and was able to convey their crazy spirit.

In addition, the showrunner really liked the original series. Michael Jonathan Smith worked in Cobre Kai before. Along with Swan, there will be seriously emotional moments in the series, but they won’t entirely block the comedic spirit.

At first, the authors even thought of arranging a Battle Royale in the style of the third season. Mad Maxbut abandoned this idea. At first, they wanted to start with characters like the principal character, played by Maki.

The project has no exact date for release.

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