November 30, 2022

The Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher is being developed for Switch on October 20 in the west, announced the publisher Bandai Namco and developer Koei Tecmo.

In Japan and Asia, the game is the same date as the actual game itself.

This is a video from Bandai Namco.

In the Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher, players become the lead-wheeler of a new rancher to breed, befriend and train ultra Kaiju for competition. This game uses more than 200 types of Kaiju, with which you can take advantage of different combinations to collect. Kaiju can be generated in terms of keyword or NFC-enabled devices*. Players also combine or synthesize monsters to create new-looking Kaiju. In addition to unique movements from Ultra Kaiju which are not commonly seen in past works, Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher sets the stage for epic clashes of monstrous proportions reminiscent of classic Ultraman bouts.

*One of the Kaiju regeneration functionsSearch for musicwonts in the North and South America version.

Read more about the game here.

Watch the trailer below.

Release Date Trailer, date of release.

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