November 30, 2022

There are totally real scripts for the new video game – but rather even an essay by a corrupt reporter.

BILL: I have a jar pocket so I can put a tank in my purse. JOEY: Yes, tanks don’t fit in pants. All kids have a cellphone! Watch it!

(BILLY smashes the cellphones screen and there are dozens of military vehicles that erupt from them. A little boy around BILLY is watching on a moon. A LUNCH LADY faints and a PRINCIPAL scowls disapprovingly (in the background, there’s nothing to this surprise that)

Welcome to War Thunder, a new mobile game developed by a new internal team of the developer Gaijin Entertainment, that brings the essence of the authentic War Thunder experience to mobile gamers. Players can control all types of land, air and sea vehicles, with a new progression-system tailored for mobile devices that lets players quickly and easily find new vehicles from all countries in a timely manner.

War Thunder Edge release date is not yet set yet, but closed beta is coming soon as well as more details. It means you can show your friends your sinisterness when you say you have a tank in your pocket.

The KIDS leaped excitedly, with a War Thunder logo on hand. A new LADY is fainting. A TROSE PINE explodes in the background.

source: official release and a lot of 90s video game ads.

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