November 30, 2022

They are adorable! (pic: Nintendo).

Eevee is rare seen in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. If you know where to look, you should be able to catch one.

Given that Eevee is the most popular and cutest pokemon of all time, it would certainly surprise me to learn that they are a part of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, even if they are rarely seen in the wild.

Eevee is not always on the mini-map when you get near it, but certainly causes some problems, but no finding it it does.

Even though you may not see it roaming like Lechonk, there are three places in Paldea where you’ll find one.

Unless you have met Eevee before, go to Pokedex pages and it will be possible to see the fact that it lives near towns and cities. If it be the first clue, then you should check your first clue.

However, so it can be simpler for you, there are three most likely locations which Eevee spawns in:

  • Northwest of Medali in West Province.
  • West of Cortondo, in the South Province, the Western region is a place where all of the cities are located.
  • The Pokemon League is located northwest of Mesagoza.

Don’t go the hunt for the Eevee!

Even though they are rare, Eevee can’t be found in some area. Now, if you find yourself looking over for some time, you’ll find yourself at these locations.

Among the three spots listed, the plains northwest of Medaliseem like the most reliable choice when you look around halfway through the game, which compares to the routes you take to Pokémon League.

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Don’t be too distracted by group spawning spots, Eevee usually spawns on its own.

If you don’t have luck upon your first attempt, you can try to get the Eevee to spawn by leaving and coming back to the area. Or perhaps you can go to a distant town with an old holster and then take back to where you’re from.

This trick will cause a reload of the area, and you’ll be presented with a new range of local pokemon spawns.

If you have the patience for eevee, there’s always the option of hatching your very own Eevee. In the games, it has a genesis, but that is a difference.

For example, if you have a Vaporeon and a Flareon of different genders, remove the picnic table from the table to remove from the jar. This will make them breed and eventually lay an egg, which means a baby Eeve will hatch.

If you fail to get yourself an Eevee, your strategy is to reprogram them using a newly-discovered agricultural exploit. You should be careful not to go there before it is completely wiped out.

Eevee is, after all, a valuable pokemon as its ability to transform quickly into an extremely useful game. He gives a huge advantage on the game.

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